Before we can get started...

Your artwork

On sending us your request for a design visual we give you the option to send us your images and logo.


We prefer graphic files such as Ai-EPS, SVG or PDF.


Bitmap files like JPG, PSD of GIF in high resolution (300 dpi). Note: when enlarged bitmapped files can have a loss in quality/sharpness.


 Vector files can be enlarged without loss of quality. Please convert all text in thes files to outlines.



Printing colours

We will do our best to match pantone colours (when specified) as closely as possible.


Our process does not guarantee an exact match.


When in doubt we will print a sample prior to production for your approval.

Accepted file formats

Your logo or club crest in a correct file will most of the times be available from your graphic designer or printers.


Please feel free to contact us if you are in doubt about the usability of the files at hand: or call: +31 252 22 58 03


Even if you do not have any files available we can assist you in creating a bespoke design. Our own studio is well equipped to handle all design requests.


Please note that additional design work could incur extra charges to your order.

Sizes and shapes

We have several standardized shapes available. Most used is the round bag tag (95 mm diameter).

Other shapes available are:

• Rectangular (70 x 95 mm)
• Sunrise (80 x 95 mm)
• Shield (80 x 95 mm)

Let's make things personal...